Chocolate craving disappeared…..:)

How chocolate craving was subsided because of tapping (EFT)

I had conducted a workshop in 2010. As I was demonstrating how tapping can help us control and minimize the craving that we have. In most of my workshops I have seen almost immediate result as far as craving is concerned. I remember this specific one because it was a very delightful experience.

Once I explained the basic steps of EFT. I asked the participants if they had craving for some food. One of the ladies had a strong craving for chocolate. She had developed the habit of having something sweet after lunch. She was so habituated to sweet after lunch that she told me that her office was on 5th floor and if she did not have sweet with her she had to compulsively go down and buy something sweet.

Coincidentally we had just finished our lunch at that point. And she had a chocolate in her purse which she was about to eat. But when she heard my announcement about working on cravings, she decided to give this chocolate craving try with tapping.

I told her to just look at the chocolate and tell me how tempted she was to eat it. She was so tempted that her mouth was watering just looking at it (how many people’s mouth is watering ;)). So we did basic tapping round two times and her craving went to almost zero just looking at it. Then I told her to open the wrapper and smell it, and her craving again went up. After one tapping round it went to zero. Then I told her to keep looking at the chocolate and tell me if she wanted it. And she said that she could not believe that just 10 minutes back she would have eaten the whole chocolate but now she was ok not having it. Till the end of that day she did not feel like having it.

We had next level of workshop after a week, when I met her I checked with her about the craving. She told me that the whole week she had not eaten chocolate and once when she felt like eating it she did tapping on her own and the craving went away.

I have been in contact with that person and she reports that she does eat chocolates on and off but she does not get the kind of craving she used to get.

I also need to emphasize here is that not all craving goes away like this. In some case we have to work more hard and go deeper reasons for the craving. But if we work consistently we can manage our cravings and even stop it.

Tapping can be used to delay our cravings, every time you get the craving you tap immediately and you will see that your craving will go away

If you want to let go of craving altogether then it is always better to work on emotional issues that is making you crave that particular thing. It can be chocolate, cigarette, alcohol, shopping, television, internet or anything. Generally behind most of the craving and addiction there is an unresolved emotional issue that may be creating anxiety and to deal with the anxiety we tend to get attracted to things that calm us down and over the period it becomes craving or addiction.

Hope this article helped….

Warm Regards

Neha Mehta



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