EFT for weight management

EFT for weight management

Over the years I have dealt with quite a few clients who had issues with their weight management.

And most of my clients did make a good progress. The ones who made progress had two things in common

  1. They were ready to come for sessions regularly and for a longer period of time
  2. They also practiced EFT at home

In this article I  want to share a story of a lady, who was overweight, in her 40s, and had tried everything from rigorous exercise to strict diet to lose weight but with little success. She would lose weight when she would exercise and diet but somehow could not continue on the regime and gain back more weight then she lost.

She got to know about me from a client of mine who was a trainer in a gym.

She met me and I explained her process of EFT in the first session.

From next session we worked on some things that she was getting attracted to like wafers, chocolates and ice cream. Then we tried to find out the root cause that may be contributing to her anxiety and would be pushing her towards having wafers, chocolates or ice cream.

Initially some sessions went into our doing the detective work trying to find out root cause. We were getting some result like she was not so tempted to eat those things but the temptation was still present.

I was getting a hunch that there was something important involved which we were not able to reach to. So on further exploration she was able to remember an incident when she was 7 years old, it was her brother’s birthday and she had dressed up very beautifully and everyone was appreciating her. And she was feeling very good about herself and that day one of the friend of her father tried to abuse her sexually she was able to get out of the room before he could do it. But she remembered his words saying that “she was so pretty”.

When we were talking about it she realized that from that day onwards her need to look good had become almost gone away. She remembered that on many occasions after that she would not get dressed up well.  We realized that after that incident she had developed aversion towards looking good. Because in her mind the connection was set between looking good and attracting unwanted attention. She also told me that before that day she had an average weight. But slowly she gained weight.

So we decided to work on that incident with EFT, it took us 4 sessions to release whatever reaction she was having about it. And since then over the period of 6 months with regular sessions, exercise and some diet alteration she was able to lose weight.

The reason I am sharing this story is because sometimes we are not even aware what exactly is causing the condition that we are facing today. In this lady’s example the weight gain was a symptom of the root cause that told her that if she will look good then she will be in for a trouble, sometimes when we go through such traumatic incidents our mind makes such connections which may actually have no basis in the reality.

Hope you liked the article…

Warm Regards

Neha Mehta


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