Fear of giving presentation in front of the class

Fear of giving presentation in front of the class

I was working in a junior college as a student counselor and a girl who was studying in second year of B.A. she was a shy and introverted person.  The reason she came to me was she wanted to be more social and wanted to talk freely to people around her.

While this was a very big goal. We thought we will start with small things. The first thing that came up was she was supposed to give a presentation to her class, next week. When we started talking about her giving a presentation in front of the whole class, I could see her facial expressions changing. She was looking pale, her throat was constricting, and her heart started pounding. Looking at that I explained her about tapping. We did some 5 to 6 rounds of tapping directly on her constriction in throat, heart pounding, and stomach churning. And she was able to see herself being in front of the whole class giving the presentation without any of the above physical changes.  But to be surer we did the tapping for her anxiety for another two sessions.

Next week when she gave her presentation she was able to give it with a good level of confidence.

We definitely had to work on her shyness for many sessions.

I think we were able to get good result for her presentation anxiety was because she did not have any negative conditioning previous experiences with regards to public speaking. As in she did not have any previous experience with public speaking at all. If we had somebody who had experiences where the person was ridiculed or embarrassed on many occasions, we would have had to clear those incidences with tapping and that probably would have taken a longer time then this case.

Hope you enjoyed this

Warm Regards

Neha Mehta



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