The most traumatic memory that I have worked with …

Hi friends,

Today I want to share with you almost miracle like session.  A lady client in her early 40s came for counseling as she was getting overwhelming emotional reactions to normal day to day things and as she was in a good post at her work it was becoming difficult for her to manage herself.

She was a widower,her husband expired only after six months of her marriage, a love marriage at that time. We worked on some issues that she was facing at home front due to her being at her mother’s house as her brother and his family staying together. She was getting back on track according to her.

In our 6th session she disclosed that her husband had committed suicide and the whole thing happened in front of her eyes and before she could realise what had happened he was already dead. Obviously she was shaken up while narrating the incident so I asked her to only guess what she would have felt if she was to describe the incident to me(tearless trauma technique), she guessed and we took some tapping rounds till her guess became manageable.

Then I asked her to start narrating the incident and let me know the moment she feels anything about whatever she was describing (tell a story technique). She went on narrating the whole incident in between stopping to tell me that she was having different feelings while narrating it , we worked on each and every stop and by the end of the session she was able to describe the whole incident to me without getting overwhelmed about it. It did take up good three hours to get the whole thing to a level of non attachment to the event but we managed.

That was one of the most satisfying work that I had done till now. That memory was not one of her best memories but she was able to ‘let go’ of overwhelming emotions attached to that memory. She was able to see that as one of the unfortunate event in her life and it would have been better if she could do something about it but she was able to let go of ‘shoulds’ about that incident.

Since we worked on that incident we saw a steady progress in her emotional management in her professional as well as personal life.

Happy to have been able to help her deal with one of the worst kind of trauma a human being can go through.

Warm Regards

Neha Mehta





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