Lab Assistant’s Fear of High voltage electrical equipment

Hello friend,

Today I want to share another triumph of EFT.

Presently I am Working as a part time counselor in one Engineering college, This is my second month in the college, On the day I joined, the Principal mam had told me to meet one of the staff member. We will call him Mr. D, who worked as a lab assistant. His job was to be present in the lab when the experiment were being conducted.

The issue that was coming up was that he outright refused to be present when the students were conducting experiments involving high voltage equipment. This was for obvious reasons not acceptable by the college. As this was a part of his duty he was expected to perform that duty. So he was asked to meet me and get help for his fear.

When I met him for the first time he told me that he has always been an anxious child compared to his siblings. He would never sit on the swing and when once his uncle forcibly made him sit on the swing his fear become so intense, that the thought of sitting on the swing would make him anxious.

He shared with me that around 10 to 12 years back he had met with an accident and he was electrocuted by an open wire as he touched it accidentally. And after that he had developed intense fear of electrical equipment, to an extent that he was avoiding doing any kind of work related to electricity at home.

In the first session itself we were able to clear his emotions attached to the electrocuted incident with EFT.

In the next sessions we worked on his reaction to the incident that had happened in the lab. we also worked on his negative thoughts about the possibility of accident happening in the lab. by the end of the session he was able to visualize himself working with those students in the lab.

And then on the third session he told me that he was feeling confident of handling anything that may happen in the lab, because he told me that just a day before, a spark happened because one of the student did not realize that the wire had become loose.Mr.D was able to turn off the switch at the right time. He told that he did not get anxious and he was able to think clearly even in that chaotic situation (To think clearly and act appropriately in such situation was almost impossible for him, just a week ago).  We were becoming confident that his fear had gone but I still wanted to test i,t so I asked Mr. D if we can have a session in the Lab and there he will have to start the equipment of high voltage and see if the fear was there or if any anxiety was coming back.

For the forth session I went to the lab and he started the equipment that he was scared to operate earlier. He was able to operate the equipment very confidently and without a trace of even a little fear. Then  for the ultimate test I told him to increase the voltage of the equipment and he was able to do that too. I was confident now that his fear was collapsed. But I did instruct him that he can consult me if he feels the fear coming back.

One more person was able to come out of the grip of irrational fear! I have no words to describe my feelings but I want to feel this again and again and again. I am sure with EFT on my side I am going to have innumerable more experiences with you.

I would want to add though that not all the cases get such fast results. We were able to release Mr. D’s fear so rapidly is because we had one major incident of his electrocution, which was a major contributor to his present day anxiety. We cleared that and his anxiety vanished. Not everybody has such one major specific incident, they may have small incidents or everyday incidences contributing to their fear in that case it can take longer time to release the fear.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Warm Regards,

Neha Mehta


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