My journey into EFT

As I am a Counseling Psychologist, I am always looking  for different modalities and therapies that would bring about internal change in my clients.

In the year 2006 I was working with Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrshinan Vidyalaya (DSRV) in Borivali-West. I accidentally came across this strange technique called EFT or tapping, I heard an audio wherein Gary Craig who is the Founder of EFT was able to reduce a lady’s anxiety in 15 minutes. That did fetch my attention so I gathered as much information about EFT and applied it on myself and my closed ones. But as I mentioned earlier my first impression of EFT was that it was too strange so even though I did get good results initially, I somehow did not venture further.

Then, I left the school and was working as a Counselor in a bank for some time. One lady who was at the executive level had come to me for her phobia of flying in the plane, just the thought of flying would make her heart pound with anxiety and turbulence would make her vomit. But as her job requirement was such that she had to fly frequently and it was becoming too difficult for her to handle the situation.

I tried to help her using many techniques but no result was showing then, I don’t know how but I thought of EFT and I asked her permission to try this technique.

As she needed help desperately she agreed to use EFT and to my astonishment in 3 sessions her phobia actually disappeared. And after that she was able to fly without any kind of anxiety, she also reported that she did not take the anti anxiety medications that she would normally take before boarding.

This was almost unbelievable, a person having such a high level of phobia, able to release it in 3 sessions!!! then I again went through my notes, ordered Gary Craig’s all the videos series of tutorials and saw it repeatedly and gradually started using EFT on my other clients and continued to get amazing results, which led me to use EFT exclusively with all my clients.

I also need to mention that not all my clients got relief in 3 sessions, many took more sessions but the kind of changes that I was seeing in them was encouraging.

EFT has not only helped me in my professional life but has actually changed me as a person.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Warm regards,

Neha Mehta


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